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The APF-M1000 and APF-MP1000 is the second generation console that the North American company APF Electronics Inc, a company created by the brothers Al & Phil Friedman, designed to face the then all-powerful Atari 2600.

The APF-M1000/APF-MP1000 retro video game console had an 8-bit CPU inside and incorporated the new cartridge format, a revolution in an era previously marked by dedicated Pong-type consoles. Video games as we know them today came with this new generation.

COMPANY:APF Electronics Inc
RELEASE DATE:1978 North America
GAMES CATALOG:Official 13 on BASIC +1 cartridge (including the APF Imagination Machine).
LAUNCH PRICE:US$ 129.95 // US$ 599 the APF Imagination Machine
PROCESSOR:Motorola 6800 8-bit
FORMAT: Cartridge
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Color TV-Game Racing 112 | Nintendo | RETRO | EN

Color TV-Game Racing 112

Nintendo Color TV-Game Racing 112, Nintendo’s retro console with a steering wheel and 112 video games… Who gives more!? Launched in 1978, the CTG-CR 112 model was Nintendo’s third home console, framed in the Color TV-Game console series, it was an interesting bet that brought all the excitement of car racing to Japanese homes.

With this dedicated video game console (without cartridges), Nintendo offered the Japanese public already tired of pong, 112 racing games at home with its own steering wheel, gear shifter and two controls for stuntmen for 18,000 yen… interesting right? Let’s remember Color TV-Game Racing 112, one of Nintendo’s great unknowns.

RELEASE DATE:June 24, 1978, Japan
GAMES CATALOG:112 variants.
SOLD UNITS:160,000 units
LAUNCH PRICE:18.000 yen
PROCESSOR:Nintendo/Mitsubishi Electric LSI (no CPU)
FORMAT: Integrated games
BUY IT ON EBAY:https://ebay.us/fiU61y

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