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The APF-M1000 and APF-MP1000 is the second generation console that the North American company APF Electronics Inc, a company created by the brothers Al & Phil Friedman, designed to face the then all-powerful Atari 2600.

The APF-M1000/APF-MP1000 retro video game console had an 8-bit CPU inside and incorporated the new cartridge format, a revolution in an era previously marked by dedicated Pong-type consoles. Video games as we know them today came with this new generation.

COMPANY:APF Electronics Inc
RELEASE DATE:1978 North America
GAMES CATALOG:Official 13 on BASIC +1 cartridge (including the APF Imagination Machine).
LAUNCH PRICE:US$ 129.95 // US$ 599 the APF Imagination Machine
PROCESSOR:Motorola 6800 8-bit
FORMAT: Cartridge
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