Video game consoles by bits | 100% RETRO | EN

For the most classic and veteran of this world, video game consoles have always been classified by bits, with their exceptions and inconsistencies, but that’s how it’s been all our lives and how happy we were. It is true that we will hardly be able to classify a latest generation console by its number of bits, but for other machines such as the NES or MegaDrive it is still a perfect classification model. Also, when they tell us Master System we automatically get an “8 bits” in our mind.

For the purists, in the menu you have the link to the console generations, where you will find all those consoles that cannot be integrated into the bit model, we recommend that you take a look at it and since we are with recommendations, do not miss the Twitter of Infoconsolas.

For all the ols gamers, here you have the video game consoles analyzed in Infoconsolas classified by bits: